Snap out of it Brian!  Wake Up! Wake Up! The world is still spinning.

Covid-19 definitely knocked me into a stupor.  But with a little help from my friends and some inspiration from some amazing souls…grabbing me by my shoulders and shaking me, yelling…”Snap Out of it Brian!”  I signed up for a course called “The New Normal” by Jeffrey Gitomer.  Gitomer is a sales trainer I have been studying for over 20 years.  He is no holds barred kind of guy, who says it like it is.  My favorite concept I learned from Jeffrey Gitomer is something he calls Value First.  It was a game-changer for me 20 years ago and has fueled my sales career.  Once again he woke me up with his course “The New Normal”  which was a lifeline and wake up call for my stupor.  The simplest way I can sum up the course is the “old normal” has gone bye-bye and it’s time to wake up to “The New Normal” which may be challenging but also has major upsides.

I have been working in the live events industry for over 20 years and I am an avid fan of technology.  The course challenged me to step into live video, virtual engagement, and social media to launch ourselves into “The New Normal.”

Not one to settle for status quo, I thought to myself, yes there is going to be a new normal, but why settle for normal when we can have amazing?  I was officially awake.  Something clicked inside of me and I decided that I would move forward with my life in a way that would settle for no less than amazing.

If you are looking for a wake-up call I have identified a 3 step process to wake your soul up to The New Amazing.

These steps help you distinguish the difference between fear and danger.  They provide a cue to start the process.

I call it a BPM or Butt Pucker Moment.  It’s that moment when your rear end tightens and you think to yourself, what have I gotten myself into.  I call this the cue for The New Amazing.  A process and manifesto for creating an amazing life.

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