Brian Monahan is an Event Technology Expert, Speaker, and Certified Professional Coach.

Brian is recognized as a hospitality thought leader because of his ingenuity, innovation, and ability to strategize and deliver impactful organizational outcomes. Since the second quarter of 2020, Brian has immersed himself in learning and executing resilient and reliable virtual experiences. His current dedication is to prepare the meeting and event profession for the future of events.

Brian Monahan is The Vice President of Business Development for Prestige AV & Creative Services. He has served in all aspects of the audiovisual industry over his two-decade career.

Brian’s first job as a meeting professional was during his service in the United States Marine Corps as a Combat Visual Imagery Specialist. Also known as an AV Technician in Camouflage.

Brian’s work is a unique blend of passion for excellent customer service and creative event production, including exceptional business acumen. Brian documented this passion by releasing his first book, Customer Delight 365, A Daily Inspirational for Customer-Service Professionals, in early 2016.

In addition to his industry-focused passions, Brian is driven to help others find success in business and life. He converted this passion into expertise by becoming a certified professional coach in 2011. This skill set allows Brian to share his knowledge with other meeting and events professionals in the most effective ways possible.

On-Demand Certificate Courses at Event Leadership Institute:

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Link to VEMM CourseVirtual Event & Meeting Management

Today, event & meeting management professionals are expected to have the skills necessary to plan and execute both live and virtual/digital events. This course is designed for industry professionals looking to build on their existing event management skillset and experience by learning the fundamentals needed to plan and manage virtual/digital events.


  • Articulate the critical differences between planning a live event and virtual/digital event
  • Develop a virtual/digital event strategy that includes key components unique to planning virtual/digital events
  • Explore requirements for human resources, vendors, public relations, digital platforms, related technology, data collection & analytics, and data security
  • Develop a virtual/digital event program that provides a return on investment to key stakeholders while delivering an engaging virtual/digital experience for attendees

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Technical Meeting & Event Production

Does your audiovisual production proposal read like a foreign language? After the venue, audiovisual is often one of the largest budget items, yet so often planners are unable to make sense of a typical proposal. Do you know how many lumens your projector should have? Should you use a PAR fixture or Lekos to light the podium? Inputs, outputs, sound boards, teleprompters… admit it, you’ve glazed over the details on occasion and handed it off to the “tech team” to manage.

Producing events can be a fine art, especially when it comes to gatherings that involve a stage, lectern, and presentations requiring the coordination of audiovisual production, lighting, speakers and many other components. This course will empower you to understand what kind of gear, staff, and set up your event actually needs to function properly, look right, and be cost-effective.

Updates to the course include budgets, benefits, and technology concerns for hybrid events and managing remote presenters.


  • Gain a detailed understanding of all audiovisual and lighting elements involved in producing most meetings and events – including hybrid
  • Determine all the given sound and visual inputs required, and how to address those needs from a technical standpoint
  • Gain a thorough understanding of how to work with speakers in preparing presentation decks for an event – and tips for managing both in-person and remote presenters
  • Identify criteria for selecting the right venue and vendor(s) for your event, from a technical production vantage point

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